In September 2011, Gurpreet's first ever review was published in Brunel University’s student run newspaper, Le Nurb. Take a look by clicking the link below and scrolling to page 21.

Review: The Beaver (Pg. 21)

Throughout her time as a Masters student at Brunel University, Gurpreet was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to become one of the full time entertainment writing team for Le Nurb. You can check out her articles by clicking the links below and scrolling to the page number listed:

Film Releases: Monthly Pick (Pg. 32)
Screenwriting Lectures (Pg. 37)
Book Launch: Fat Chancer (Pg. 26)
Review: Noah (Pg. 26)
Review: The Winter Soldier (Pg. 34)

Since March 2014, Gurpreet has had the opportunity to write film reviews and other entertainment pieces for Student 365, the UK’s number 1 student magazine and website. You can check her work out by clicking on the links below:

Review: Little Favours
Five Sexiest Literary Heroes
Review: Noah

Gurpreet wrote her first ever music review back in October 2013 and have since then has become a regular contributor for Awedio Hub. Take a look at her music reviews by clicking the links below:

Inland Sky
Desert Noises
Leo Stannard
Aiden Knight: Dream Team
Cruiser: Kidnap Me

Gurpreet was honoured to be the first interviewee on Critically Insane on December 5th 2013. Unfortunately the website has been taken down, but you can take a look at her thoughts on film, literature and the invasion of the British by clicking the link below!

In Conversation with Interlude: Unscripted