On December 20th 2014, a bear named Brett was gifted to a writer, lighting a bulb in her already over-active imagination. Armed with images of the dungaree-and-TMNT-hoodie-clad plush toy and a basic pitch, she approached a writer she had been longing to work with for some time and, together, they breathed life into him.

Aimed at children aged 3 and over, Brett Bear's interactive website (www.brettbear.co.uk) and collection of full-colour picture books chart the adventures of the toy bear who comes to life when his owner, Kyle, and his family are not around to see.

Although new, Brett Bear is already gaining an immense degree of popularity. The creators look forward to expanding even further in the future but, for now, they're content sharing the happiness Brett Bear has given them with as many children as possible.

Click here to buy Brett Bear and the Cheeky Chipmunks.

Click here to buy Brett Bear and the Sad Santa.