A massive curve ball was thrown at me at the start of this month. It was one of those situations where you think it’s time you should just pack it all in and get what the unsupportive people in your life would call a ‘real job’. I’m really proud to say that I managed to make myself realise that I’m following my dreams and, although that’s often a difficult path to take, I’m doing a brilliant job at it so far and I refuse to give into the pressure!

So, after I had gotten over that slight issue, I settled down and wiped the floor with last month’s achievements:

  • I completed the FINAL draft of The Devil’s Day, which is now looking for competitions to enter and sponsors to help fund the filming of it;
  • I finished not only that 10,000 word ghostwriting project I’d mentioned last month but the 50,000 word romance novel I was doing for a client as well; and
  • I started a new book – a collection of short children’s stories that I’ve already got an illustrator for!

And that’s not even the end of it.

Back in June, my sister signed me up for the Aaron Sorkin Masterclass as an early birthday present which, as of the start of this month, I’ve officially begun. Having taken Film and Television Studies as my BA degree, it’s been a bit of a refresher course at the moment but I’m finding that the clogs in my brain are working smoother and, with the juices flowing, I’m writing faster and coming up with a mountain of new ideas.

I also went on my very first four day road trip up and down England and Scotland, stopping off in Hartlepool, Edinburgh and York, which was a wonderful experience and I witnessed my cousin brother FINALLY getting married – a giant welcome to the family Kiran!

To top it all off, yesterday I was honoured to be part of the audience for the UK Premiere of Sean Ellis’ latest film (he’s written, directed and filmed this one), Anthropoid, which just so happened to be followed by a brilliant Q&A with the director himself plus the lead actors Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy (and we all know how inspiring I find Cillian Murphy – enough to name a character after him!).

2016-08-30 22.39.182

So what’s happening next for me?

To finally celebrate the birth of my nephew (albeit a whole month after I was originally planning to), I’ll be heading up to Edinburgh. While I’m there I’ll be working on the latest draft of my very own romance novel, the title of which is still very much a secret (to me as well by the look of it).

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen, however, is the launch of my new advertising campaign. If you need a writer, an editor or a reviewer, I’m your girl and I’ll be reminding you of that for the whole of September and October – keep an eye out for my offers and advertisements on social media.

But, until then, I’ll be sitting in my little office soaking attempting to put all this inspiration to good use while catching up on Season 6 of Suits (and Poldark!).

So that’s me, but what can you look forward to?

  • I’ve got another two fantastic guest posts from two bonkers yet brilliant writers, one of which includes a review of Brett Bear and the Cheeky Chipmunks;
  • A blog post about adapting a book into a screenplay; and
  • An introduction to Round the World Writers, a new Facebook group that’s been set up by writers for writers to help them through the frustrations of our career choice and to celebrate those little achievements we work so hard to get to.

Keep an eye out for all of that and more!

As always, here’s me bidding August bye-bye and wishing you an absolutely marvelous September!