Despite my non-stop belated birthday celebrations during the first week and the London heat wave that made it far too hot for my brain to function, July’s been a surprisingly productive (and somewhat emotional) month.

Not only have I officially said goodbye to my film review site, Interlude: Unscripted, but, following our very last official meeting, I’ve announced the hiatus of Brett Bear Books. A big congratulations to Thalia, by the way, who won our competition in Hiya Bucks this month (you can check it out on Page 15 by clicking here).

Having completed the seventh (and hopefully final) draft of The Devil’s Day, I had the chance to ghostwrite a 10,000 word novella for an absolutely lovely client of mine. I also signed a brand new client who has commissioned a 50,000 word project – updates on that will be coming to Twitter in the form of funky GIFs so keep an eye out for those!

I’ve also been workshopping not one, not two but three new project ideas! One young adult stand-alone novella, a series of young adult fantasy novels including a free Kindle short that acts as a prequel and a new drama screenplay. As soon as they’re officially being written, I’ll be sure to upload the projects carousel on the top of the homepage so keep an eye out for that too!

And if that isn’t enough (squealing moment about to happen, warning in advance), my sister, brother-in-law and nephew welcomed a baby boy into the world! I’m an auntie again! WooHoo!

But the month isn’t over until tomorrow when I’ll be watching a preview of Pete’s Dragon followed by a Q&A with the wonderful Bryce Dallas Howard herself! I’ll be posting photographs onto social media outlets by the way!

But the revamp of my website brings along some absolutely brilliant things your way too! August posts already scheduled include:

  • an interview with the author, Karly Edwards, whose debut novella was recently released on Kindle;
  • a post with tips on how to schedule your week which includes a free downloadable PDF that everyone's been asking me for (that's going up next week so keep an eye out for that one); and
  • two guest posts by brilliant writers and wonderful friends of mine (although I’m keeping details of that one to myself for a little longer).

So here’s me raising a glass bidding July sayonara and welcoming in August and whatever it may bring!