On the first of the month, my partner in crime jetted off to Lithuania. It turns out that the only thing I know about the country is that it was the birthplace of Hannibal Lecter, himself. Apparently somewhat inspired by it, my month appeared to split into Hannibalistic halves:

  1. The first half was filled with culture and intelligent conversation, introducing me to new things and weaving in delicacies that I had long forgotten about...
  2. The second half was all about pouring out the more worrying side of my personality, revving up my OCD, inducing panic attacks and filled with rude people that you wanted to send off to Hannibal with a polite reminder to ‘eat the rude’...

So how to split up this past month in a way other than Hannibalistically? Like this:


As a BFI member, I always look forward to the London Film Festival. This year, however, was the very first time I actually had the chance to see more than one film and boy did I make the most out of it and every film really was just as phenomenal as the last.

I also had the privilege of meeting some truly inspiring people:

  • The magnificent Nicole Kidman and the hilarious Dev Patel;
  • The ridiculously talented directors Jesper Nielsen and Martin Koolhoven (as well as the cast and crew for their films);
  • The insanely handsome Michael Fassbender and the cast and crew for his latest film, Trespass Against Us; and
  • Paul Verhoeven, a visionary whose movies (I’m honestly mainly thinking of Robocop at the moment) quite literally shaped my personality.

But it wasn’t just the film screenings and the talks that made this year’s festival so special. Somehow I managed to require an armed policeman escorting me to the Curzon Mayfair when I found myself stuck in the middle of a protest outside the embassy; I walked around the Monopoly board for the millionth time, taking every opportunity possible to play with horses and laugh with baristas; I even managed to fit in time to catch up on Girl On The Train! But, best of all, I had the chance to catch up with a friend from Edinburgh who I wouldn’t have been in town had it not been for the festival.


You would think that after the somewhat overwhelming schedule during the festival, the month would have slowed down, allowing me to get in days and days of endless writing done. It turns out, however, October wished for me to only write when possible as barely a week after the LFF, I was surprised with perhaps the greatest surprise I could have been surprised by (yes, that was a deliberately written sentence). Dad and I headed off to the airport to collect Sister #1 and just as we were taking a selfie to send off to Sisters #2 and #3 so that they knew we had her, we were photo bombed: BY SISTER #2! An absolutely amazing surprise for us all!


This month also saw the start of the very first Round The World Writers’ challenge, which, I’m ecstatic to say, was an absolute success! We’ve organised for certificates to be awarded to those few writers who managed to complete the entire challenge from start to finish as well as badges virtually sent out to anyone who participated as well! We’re also going to be focussing on NaNoWriMo for all of November so if anyone is in need of NaNoSupport, head over to our social media pages!


Which leads me perfectly onto November…

NaNoWriMo is about to kick off and this year I’ll be working on A Tale As Old As Time, the story of an elf, a note and a present at the back of the Christmas tree. 50,000 words is always a struggle, especially when life decides to throw unscheduled things at you when you least expect it, but it’s definitely worth a try regardless. And slap bang in the middle of it will be Scrivathon16, a charity word sprint raising money for those in need in Syria – for more information on that, check out my post on it by clicking here.


I’ll also be moving my desk to (what I’m assured is) beautiful Bournemouth for a weekend! How exciting!

So, here’s wishing everyone who celebrates Diwali
a very happy, albeit belated, Diwali

Those who celebrate Bandhi Chhor Diwas
a very happy, albeit belated, Bandhi Chhor Diwas

And all those scary monsters out there a super spooky Hallowe’en!

See you all in November!