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The Deadly Sisterhood: Eight Princesses of the Italian Renaissance

While I enjoyed The Deadly Sisterhood, I was disappointed by the fact that it was advertised as a story of the Renaissance Princesses. Too much attention was paid to the Princes of the Renaissance, instead. Having said that, it is the first book I’ve come across – aside from solo biographies – which puts women who stood tall during a time where women had only two paths available of them.

Linked through birth, marriage or friendship, Frieda focuses on eight women of the Renaissance: Lucrezia Tornabuoni – the mother of Lorenzo de’ Medici, Clarice Orsini – his Roman wife, Isabella d’Este – the most important female patron of the time, Beatrice d’Este – her sister and the wife of Ludovico Sforza, Caterina Sforza – his illegitimate niece, Isabella d’Aragona – her sister-in-law, Giulia Farnese – the mistress of Rodrigo Borgia, and Lucrezia Borgia – his daughter.

An enjoyable book, and a wonderful backbone to any research you want to undertake about the women of the Renaissance.


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