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Vasari, Michelangelo and the Allegory of Patience

While on loan to the National Gallery in London, the Allegory of Patience grabbed me from across a crowded room, and I make sure to visit her at least once a month. There was something so Michelangelo about it…

And then I discovered this book in the National Gallery bookshop. It was Michelangelo, in part at least. The other part was the man who worshipped him: Giorgio Vasari.

The book recounts the rediscovery of this masterpiece painted for the Bishop of Arezzo, breaking down the symbolism and story behind it, and its historical importance. It also documents the copies made, the reasons why it had disappeared from the public eye, and even Vasari’s autograph technique.

Definitely one to pick up while examining the original for yourself – on loan to the National Gallery until 2023.


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