Two months ago, I joined a Facebook group chat with fellow writers Heidi Norrod and Melanie Kyer. Despite our crazy time differences, we found ourselves talking to each all the time. It didn’t matter if we were on a twenty minute bus journey or were waiting to pick up the kids from school or even were working with the conversation page running in the background, we were in each others lives and there was no getting rid of us.

Soon we discovered that our workloads had increased (for the better, of course), our angst had decreased and our eyes had been opened to new possibilities and opportunities. I even managed to bag myself a free illustrator and editor out of it!

And then a question popped into simultaneous in our heads:

Can we share this with other writers?

If the three of us can help each other achieve so much in a mere two months, what can ten writers help each other achieve? What about twenty? What about an entire army? Within a month, Round The World Writers was born.

So what exactly is Round The World Writers?


Round The World Writers
is a writers group
set up by writers,
for writers,
to help writers
achieve their dreams.

It doesn’t matter where on the ladder you are (published or unpublished, a career writer or a hobby writer, agented or un-agented), our arms are wide open to each and every single person wanting to join the group.

All we want to do is help and we do that across three platforms, each one fulfilling a different task.

The Website

Our website has just been launched which we’re all very excited about. Not only do we give you free access to a range of resources and advice, we also hook you up with reviewers and beta readers.

But our main function is to create awareness for your work. One of the main ways we do this is by spreading blog posts. If you send us the link to your latest point, we’ll take a sample of it, upload it to the website and then link it back to your site! It helps you get more people reading your work and gets you more traffic on your site.

The Facebook Group
[Round The World Writers]

The Facebook group gives you access to competitions, one-on-one advice and automatic invitations to Google Hangout sessions with industry professionals. If also just so happens to be a brilliant place to network and have a chat with other writers.

For those of you taking part with NaNoWriMo, that’s our theme for November so we’ll be talking a lot about that during November and helping each other stay on track.

Through the group, we’ll also be asking our members to help us compile resources that can then be spread around for others to use. We’re currently working on a list of websites for writers so if you have any you want to add make sure you join in the discussion – the current list can be found on the group’s document page and the website’s resource page.

The Twitter Page

The final platform is Twitter where we’ll be keeping you up to date on new events, making giant announcements about your achievements and having fun with competitions and running games (there’s actually a writing game beginning next week and we’re running an October Writer’s Challenge so keep an eye out for that!).

Best of all, we’ll be live tweeting Google Hangout events with agents and other industry professions for those who are unable to make the actual chat.



So, that’s Round The World Writers. We’re really looking forward to welcoming you into the group so make sure to click ‘Join Group’ on the Facebook page, ‘Like’ on the Twitter page and add the website to your favourites!

Looking forward to virtually meeting you all!