Knowing that 2016 was going to be a chaotic year for me, I decided to create my very own weekly schedule to help me stay on top of everything. A lot of people asked me about this so I thought I’d explain my process and even give you all a free copy of the schedule which you can download here.

My goals for this week are…

For me, that feeling when you realise that you’ve achieved what you set out to at the start of the week, I feel absolutely ecstatic! That’s why I make a habit of setting a small, achievable goal at the start of each week:

  • My goals for this week are to write a minimum of 1,000 words a day and to read a book that compliments one of my current projects.
  • My goals for the week are begin the editing process of a screenwriting project and to complete a ghostwriting project.
  • My goals for the week are to organize guest bloggers for Caffeine Addled Ramblings and plan out the next book in my series.

Each of these goals add up to what I want to achieve this year (the long term goals I set at the start of the year) and with my life (the bigger picture). They also help me set up my To-Do-List for each week.

What’s brilliant is that each goal already has a deadline so you can measure it’s achievement, there are only one or two of them so they’re your priority for the week and it’s already written down which crystallizes them and gives them more force.

“Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!”

After I’ve finished filling out my goals, I write down everything that I have scheduled in my diary onto the happy day boxes. This includes meetings, events and deadlines – both personal and professional, ANYTHING that has an impact on your week.

If they start at certain times, write it down.

Notes and Things To Do…

The To-Do-List and the notes section usually fill up throughout the week but I always start it as I fill out the happy day boxes. Here goes the phone calls and appointments I need to make, the small tasks that are additional to the goals already set and anything else that I need to know for that week.

  • E-mail this client back with a quote for their job.
  • Phone the dentist and make an appointment for my yearly check up.
  • Upload the latest version of my CV to the website.

Make sure you tick them off as you go!

I don’t usually like to specify the priority of each individual item but I know a lot of people do so why not try using different coloured pens to show which ones need to be done immediately and which ones can wait until the end of the week. Just make sure that they’re all done during that week!

Notes for next week…

Each week, you’ll end up thinking about things you need to for the following week. Rather than writing these down on next week’s sheet, I like to write these things down at the bottom of my schedule so that I reflect on them and decide whether they’re things I definitely want to happen next week or if I want to hold off on them.

This is another good place for you to colour code the priority of each individual item if you want to.


Every year I start a gratitude jar to remind myself that there are things to be grateful for every single day whether they’re big achievements or small things like the fact that I woke up and got out of bed this morning.

Sometimes something that happens during the day really stands out – a rose in a bouquet of daisies. So I try to write two or three things that REALLY stand out in this box at the bottom.

  • I am grateful that I completed a project that I’ve been working on for the past year.
  • I am grateful that I’ve had to buy a new storage box to hold the final drafts of my manuscripts and screenplays.
  • I am grateful that I got into the semifinals of a screenwriting competition.


That’s how I’ve managed to stay on top of everything between travelling from London to Canada to London to Edinburgh to London again, weddings and welcoming new lives into the world, my own projects and my clients’ projects.

I really hope this post and the weekly schedule helps you. Feel free to leave comments in the section below or get in touch with me, I’d love to hear how you all get along with it!

Again, you can download your free copy of my schedule here or you can check it out on the Resources page. Keep an eye on that space, I’ll be updating it often!

Here's wishing you all a productive week!