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Donatello: Artist of the Florentine Renaissance

December 16, 2022 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm Online

Working amidst the vibrant creativity of Florence in the 15th century, the sculptor Donatello’s works encompass every emotion from unabashed joy and frivolity through formal grandeur to deeply personal religious conviction. A technical master, he broke new ground in the methods he used and the forms he chose to develop, leaving behind a legacy of works that seem startlingly modern.


Coinciding with the outstanding cultural event of the year, Donatello, the Renaissance exhibited at the Strozzi Foundation and the Bargello Museum in Florence, art historian Elaine Ruffolo highlights the life and work of this artist who embodied the ideas of the Renaissance in sculpture. Donatello may have been born over 600 years ago, but his powerful sculpture still speaks directly to us today.



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