"In 2014, Gurpreet Sihat approached me to ask if I would permit her to adapt my book, The Silence, (first published in 2013 by Severn House), for inclusion in the portfolio she was then compiling. I was very happy to give my permission and support for this venture. She was kind enough to let me see the finished screenplay for The Silence, and I was delighted with her insight into the book. She had understood and conveyed the tension and eeriness I had wanted to create for the reader, and in addition had handled the time-switch sequences, which are an integral part of the story, extremely well. I was also particularly pleased with the sensitive way in which she had portrayed the emotions and motivations of all the characters."

Sarah Rayne, Author of The Silence

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"Gurpreet's professionalism and drive is equalled only by her talent as a writer. She works incredibly hard, listening to the brief given, but goes above and beyond to find new and insightful angles to grow the story. Hire her now. You won't be sorry."

Matthew Fox, Client

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"I hired Gurpreet for proofreading works and she did a great job in a very short time. I'll hire her again in the future. A great professional."

Jose Agustin Arregui, Client

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"Lost. That's what I was with my website design. The template was terrible. The arrangement was horrible. I realize now, looking back, that I was trying to get my website to sell me for me...which is atrocious. Then, I stumble onto Gurpreet. She promised me a report on my website in a few days. I got it the next morning. Twelve pages. That's how long my report was, but her turnaround was amazing. Always professional. Always friendly. Super helpful. Thank the goodness I found her... My bounce rate on my website slowed. My return visitors crept back up, and over a day, I gained around 50 new visits. Visitors are staying on my site longer, and they are visiting more pages. Not to mention the average duration of their stays has increased by several minutes per page. Statistics I get, but Gurpreet gets design. I fully recommend her for any and all your web design needs."

Heidi Norrod, Multilingual Writing Service Provider

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"One of the most accomplished writers i've had the pleasure of working with, Gurpreet has added some special touches to my writing. Her flare with words and keen editorial eye has made her the go to person when it comes to collaborations and I'm looking forward to our future writing projects."

Fran Clark, Writer

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"I know Gurpreet from her time based at Pinewood Film Studios as part of the university's work experience scheme back in 2012. During this time Gurpreet took a proactive approach to each task assigned to her. Her enthusiasm and passion to work in the film industry made her a valuable member of the Post Production team and a delight to have around the studio. As Manager of the Post Production Stills Archive Department I was extremely impressed with Gurpreet's performance and her ability to work on her own initiative throughout her time here. The level of her work was of a very high standard and always completed in a timely manner."

Lucie Hancock, Pinewood Studios