Guest Post: Reaching Out To Real Readers

by Gurpreet Sihat

Since the explosion of self-publishing the book market is now a very busy place, authors need to keep motivated to produce their best work, have their book proofread and edited to high standards, give their book a cover to stand out in the crowd and even then there is no guarantee that readers will buy their work.

I’m passionate about connecting readers to authors and am always looking at ways to reach further. When I first began reviewing books it was just me, I couldn’t read fast enough to keep up with demand. Now I have a small team of reviewers, we can now cover a wider range of genres and each reviewer brings their own band of followers towards the books we read.

It’s very easy for authors and reviewers to stay within their own “bubbles” of comfort, especially in the digital age when it is easy to hide behind a computer screen. In the last six months I’ve gone out to meet more readers, just last week I went to a reviewer/ author meet up in London and spent the afternoon blissfully talking about books.

Here are some of my quick tips for authors to expand their reach;

  • Make sure your Goodreads and Amazon profiles are up to date and they have links to all your social media.
  • Refresh you social media profiles and photos.
  • If you have an author blog or web page make sure the social media links are easy to find.
  • I’m a big user of Twitter to help connect to readers. Be a real person here, follow a wide selection of people, not just other authors (billions of people read books) Don’t just re-tweet, write your own, add hashtags and twitter handles to maximise the number of ways your tweet can be shared.
  • Make friends with book bloggers and stay friends supporting them on a regular basis is better than just using them for a review and moving on.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, we are all creative. Recently I’ve been working on connecting to Book Clubs, I have a page on my blog with recommendations from myself and my team. Every book is one we’ve read and we can offer the book clubs links to the authors for any Q & A they might have about a book from the list if they’ve read it as a club read. See the new book club resource here.

I like to encourage people to come and have a good rummage around my blog, we are a friendly bunch, I like people to get a feel for how we work, if you’d like a review of your work, check out some of our reviews and our review policy.


We also founded the #TuesdayBookBlog hashtag on twitter. It’s for any book related blog piece posted on a Tuesday, we do ask that it’s used for more than just a “Buy my book “ and a link to Amazon, it can be a post about a book cover reveal, an author interview, any book review or book memes about books. Do check it out, add it to your book posts and help share and RT other tweeters. We help share as many genuine tweets that use the hashtag on a Tuesday as possible.


Based in Hampshire in the UK, Rosie Amber is a book reviewer and blogger.  Through blogging, Rosie has discovered a whole new world. Not only has she been able to meet lovely people but she’s also been able to spread her love of reading and help promote other people’s books. She doesn’t charge for the service.

If you’d like to connect with Rosie, follow her blog or, alternatively, you can find her on Twitter @rosieamber1 and YouTube.

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