Guest Post: So Many Words, So Little Time

by Gurpreet Sihat

I love to set myself a challenge.

Only the other day I decided I wanted to go back to looking like the supermodel I used to be and, realising that would mean dropping twelve pounds and welcoming back my thigh gaps, I started a new keep fit and healthy eating regime. Well okay, I never did look like a supermodel but I am twelve pounds heavier than I’d like to be and I wouldn’t mind having thigh gaps again. My challenge is to lose twelve pounds in two months.


This morning I went for a run. Sure I was out of breath and looking desperately down the High Street for a bench to sit on, but I kept going and ran a 5k in thirty eight minutes. (It used to take twenty eight, but hey, I have to start somewhere).

As a writer I challenge myself too. Some writers constantly set deadlines and targets.

For example, to have researched a certain topic in order to write about it and deliver a piece of work, or to write two thousand words a day in order to finish the first draft of a novel.

And the target setting never stops, not if you really want to get somewhere with your writing and when time never seems to be on your side. None of us wants to end up as the writer who has cupboards full of unfinished scripts or drawers full of pages from that novel we always wanted to write but never got round to finishing.

I wasn’t always like that, though. In fact my first novel took me five years to write. But back then I wasn’t bothered about publishing the novel, I only wanted to write it because it was a dream of mine.

Since publishing my first novel I haven’t wanted to stop writing. I wanted to be able to publish more books and to make a living as a writer. Writers, in general, earn so little it becomes necessary to write as many words as you can just so you can pay some bills. Hence my need to set deadlines.

Lately writing has seen me take on paid writing jobs that range from ghostwriting fiction to writing articles and blog posts. These paid jobs allow me to fulfil my main writing objective which is to write a body of fiction under my name and my newly acquired pen name, Rosa Temple.

Writing under two names is demanding in itself and I find myself shifting from one project to the next, sometimes in a state of confusion as to who I’m supposed to be as a writer on any given day:

Am I Fran Clark trying to edit my second novel?

Am I Rosa Temple trying to complete my latest romantic comedy? or

Am I ghostwriting a romance for another author/publisher?

Maybe you can see why I need to have deadlines. It keeps me focussed and helps to keep me on top of things. But don’t worry, I do schedule in the odd break for tea and cakes!

So far writing has been a great journey. I’ve learned so much about

  • publishing,
  • how to find an agent,
  • joint writing projects and
  • how to self publish.

My latest self publishing adventure has been to write a series of books under my pen name. As Rosa I’ve self published two books so far and above my desk is the schedule I made so I could complete the book series.

So as I look forward to becoming a supermodel in two months time, I also look forward to publishing a second novel under my own name and the said book series as Rosa Temple in 2017.

I have no idea how many words I’ll actually write in order to achieve the above but I’m sure there’ll be quite a few.

If you’d like to read some of these words (67,115 of them in fact),
why not grab a copy of Natalie’s Getting Married by Rosa Temple!
You can get it for just 99p between 26th – 29th August.


The mother of two, Fran has a knack for making up stories on the spot. Both her sons were lucky enough to hear a new story every night about a special character just for them. Her boys are too old for bedtime stories now but that doesn’t stop Fran from writing them right alongside her singing, songwriting and vocal coaching! Check out her website here.

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