Guest Post: Introducing HRN Studios!

by Gurpreet Sihat

Finding an illustrator is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. It’s a total nightmare!

After years of searching, I discovered that one of my writing friends, Heidi Norrod (who guest posted right here on Caffeine Addled Ramblings), was branching into the world of illustration and I finally found someone that I meshed well with! and, to my excitement, I became her very first client!

Now that she’s ready to finally introduce her company to the world, I’m honoured to be the very first person to post about HRN Studios.

∞ ∞ ∞

HRN Studios was founded by Heidi R. Norrod in August 2016, a freelance illustrator, animator, and cartoonist.

HRN Studios aims to produce PROFESSIONAL art for a wide variety of markets, age-range, or platform; be it an adult graphic novel for Kindle, or a children’s picture book for Wattpad, or a young adult illustrated classic in paperback.

I work directly with clients and potential clients which allows me to keep my fees AFFORDABLE, and I even offer payment plans if necessary.

Clients and potential clients can contact me directly at any time and they’ll be assured fast, FRIENDLY replies to any worries, questions or thoughts they may have in regards to our joint project(s).

If you choose HRN Studios for your project(s), I guarantee professional artwork, affordable prices, and friendly interactions.

What sets HRN Studios artwork apart from other freelance artists? That’s easy!

I work with mixed media art that allows me to use hand drawn art; freehand painting (acrylics and watercolor), chalks, oil pastels, charcoals, inks, and pencils. I can also illustrate with digital media platforms like Adobe Illustrator. I can even combine photography and any of the above styles of art to create amazingly unique artwork for your specific project.

Although my art tends to be in a, for lack of a better word, more cartoonist style. See the examples included with this post for a better explanation as to what I mean.

I am also the creator of the Sam & Leo comic strip, which will be available online in early January 2017. These two troublesome friends will steal your heart and give you a healthy dose of laughter each time you read their story.

Now for a few samples… Enjoy!

Hand Drawn Art:


Now, I’m happy to announce that also in January 2017, I will begin selling prints of my artwork that you can order directly from me, or you’ll be able to find some of them on my DeviantArt website here:

I also have an online portfolio on, which you can find here:

I update both of my portfolios regularly, so keep checking back for new artwork!

When Sam & Leo begin their adventures, you’ll be able to find them on my Wattpad. You can find their stories here:

If you have questions or if you would like to chat with me about YOUR story feel free to contact me at I am happy to arrange phone calls or Skype calls with you if you would like to request one regarding your project as well. Send me an email and we can make those arrangements.

On that note, I currently only have six available slots for 2017, so don’t wait! Contact me if you’d like to consider hiring me as your illustrator. And if the money scares you, understand that I work within the parameters of your budget as much as I can, and do offer affordable payment plans if needed.


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