Isn’t That Marvellous!

by Gurpreet Sihat

Today, we say a final goodbye to 2018.

We express gratitude for all the experiences – good and bad alike – that have taught us something in these past twelve months.

We remember the darker days of the year that reminded us problems wouldn’t be called hurdles if there wasn’t a way to get over them.

We send up a small prayer for those that have left us and wish them all the happiness in the world – be it in this life or the next.

We recall the moments of awe we experienced, marvelling at masterpieces, reading genius, watching sheer splendour in movement and listening to sounds that ignite emotion within us.

We praise those around us that have done something incredible in the year that is passing without jealousy but with a heart of love. 

We look inward, at the progress we have made mentally – the amount progress doesn’t matter for you haven’t failed until you’ve quit trying.

We laugh, both at those moments of bliss and hilarity, and at the stupidity of the fickle and ridiculous that would once had annoyed us. 

And we prepare ourselves for what comes next.

For today, as we say goodbye to 2018, we also welcome 2019 with open arms.

We welcome the change.

We welcome the love. The kindness. The compassion.

We welcome the hardships. The grief. The inevitable.

We welcome the beauty.

We welcome the growth.

We welcome every single moment that comes our way and we prepare ourselves to be grateful for it.

Grateful because we are alive.

We are safe.

We are exactly who we are meant to be.

And isn’t that marvellous! 

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