Conformity and Non-Conformity in the Tim Burton Fairytale


‘Conformity and Non-Conformity in The Tim Burton Fairytale’ looks at the films of Tim Burton through a theoretical lens. It offers an in-depth examination of the representations of conformity and non-conformity in three of Burton’s most notable fairytale films [Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Alice in Wonderland] and explores the ways in which Burton embodies and/or departs from traditional conformism. The project is split into three chapters, each one analyzing conformity to a specific theme in a Burton fairytale film. It seeks to explain the ways in which the issues set out in the introduction are approached by Burton in the context of broader American myths and ideologies that relate to the topics considered. The notion of non-conformity as an American ideology will also be explored further throughout the chapters.

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