Review Policy

by Gurpreet Sihat

I am currently OPEN for review considerations.

Although I specialise in Young Adult fiction, I will consider all books. If you have a book you want me to consider, please e-mail me at with the following information:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Author
  • Page/Word Count
  • Synopsis
  • Deadline (if applicable)

I will always provide fair and honest reviews for any book sent to me. Although it hasn’t happened in a long while, there is a chance I may not like a book sent to me. In these situations, please rest assured that I will contact you with my honest opinion, giving you the option for requested reviews to be pulled.

If my schedule does not allow me to review a book for a blog tour, I will be happy to run an author interview, guest post or a spotlight post. For more information in regards to this, please get in touch.

If there is a specific date you would like the review to be uploaded for (for example, the week before release), I will always arrange my schedule to accommodate you. If no deadline is provided, I will post the review on the next available review date in my schedule.

Everything I post to will be be advertised on Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook. If you would like a review on another website, please let me know when getting in touch.

PLEASE NOTE: I am only accepting physical copies at this time.

Rating System

One Book: The closest thing I will ever get to not finishing a book…

Two Books: Reading didn’t kill me, but I was disinterested and found more things to complain about than enjoy.

Three Books: There was something in this book that kept me interested, be it the ending or a character I want more of. I have faith that the sequel will be better.

Four Books: Loved this book, though there were things that frustrated me about it. I’ll recommend it to others, but it didn’t stay with me afterwards.

Five Books: Talk about blowing me away! Absolutely loved it – a new favourite. It’s staying with me, not just hours, but days and weeks and sometimes even months and years later.