#Scrivathon16 – Writers Helping Syria

by Gurpreet Sihat

All over the world, eyes are on the conflict in Syria. Charities and fundraising committees everywhere are trying to help raise money to aid those that are suffering and now there’s an event especially for writers to help make a difference. That event is none other than #Scrivathon16. I got in touch with Alice Chao, the creator of the event, to find out more about it and how to get involved.

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Q: What is #Scrivathon16?

A: #Scrivathon16 is a 24 hour write-athon for charity, where writers from all over the world are invited to increase their word count AND raise money for Syria Relief.

Q: Where did the idea for #Scrivathon16 come from?

A: I love word sprinting, and a lot of my friends were doing half marathons, marathons, 100 mile bikeathons raising money for wonderful charities. So I combined word sprinting and the concept of a charity marathon to form Scrivathon—the charity write-athon.

Q: How long has the event been running for?

A: This is the inaugural year.

Q: What charity is the money raised going to? And why did you choose this charity?

A: The money raised will go to Syria Relief, a UK registered charity. I’ve watched with horror as the situation in Syria has deteriorated year on year and wanted to do something to support the organisations who are on the ground making a difference. Individually we can all make a small difference, but united as a group the difference we make becomes so much more powerful.

Syria Relief’s aim is to ‘relieve the suffering and support the future.’

Syria Relief are doing an amazing
job – I’ve been there,
I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
They really are saving lives,
but they need your help.
They need your donations.

Dr David Nott
Emergency Trauma Surgeon,
OBE and recipient of the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award

Syria Relief has a solid network of committed management and logistics staff on the ground inside Syria—currently numbering at around 1,600—which means they can deliver humanitarian aid in all areas, including the hard-to-reach rural and some besieged areas. In the short space of time since its inception, Syria Relief has established its reputation as a trusted and efficient humanitarian aid agency on the ground, with a track record of the highest level of transparency and feedback.

Q: What are the different ways in which writers can join in?

A: Join us 12 November 2016 on twitter on #Scrivathon16 and in the Scrivathon16 Facebook group www.facebook.com/scrivathon.

Organise a write-in with writing friends and connect with #Scrivathon16 over twitter and FB to update us on your progress.

Donate directly to our official Scrivathon fundraising page here: www.justgiving.com/scrivathon (make sure you enter yourself for a chance to win the amazing writerly raffle prizes aychao.com/scrivathon/raffle)

Offer writerly things as part of our raffle.

Fundraise by getting your family and friends to sponsor you. Easy step by step instructions here aychao.com/scrivathon/fundraising.


Q: Are there any ways that a non-writer can join in?

A: Sponsor someone on the Scrivathon, donate to our fundraising page, ply your writer friends with coffee, and help us spread the word! Find tweets with #Scrivathon16 and retweet them, talk about it, and encourage all your writer friends to join!

Q: Can you please explain the Thunderclap campaign.

A: Thunderclap is an online flashmob used to give a message a bigger impact. Supporters donate a tweet/FB post, and thunderclap hoards it until the launch day when all the supporters messages are released at the same time for maximum impact. We launched Scrivathon on the 5th October using Thunderclap, and will launch another campaign on closer to the Scrivathon. You can help us spread the word by clicking through to donate a tweet/fb post here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/48091-almost-scrivathon16-time

Q: How can you join the raffle?

A: We have some amazing raffle prizes. For a chance to win, subscribe to my blog aychao.com to be notified when a raffle goes live. Click on the link on the blog post and follow the instructions to enter. One entry per donation. There is no limit on how many donations you can make.

Q: Can we have a sneak peak at some of the brilliant prizes?

A: Of course! Beth Phelan of the Bent Agency has donated a query and 5 page critique. Free-Expressions has donated a spot on one of their short courses with Donald Maas, we have talented authors donating critiques, Scrivener and Save the Cat Story Structure software downloads, and more. The list of raffle prizes is growing every day and you can see it here: aychao.com/scrivathon/raffle.

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To learn more about #Scrivathon16, check out the links below:

General information: www.aychao.com/scrivathon

A list of all the raffle prizes: www.aychao.com/scrivathon/raffle

How to join the fundraiser: aychao.com/scrivathon/fundraising

A list of live raffles you can enter: https://aychao.com/category/raffle-prizes/

The Facebook group: www.facebook.com/scrivathon

The official Just Giving fundraising page for the raffle prizes: www.justgiving.com/scrivathon

All the writers participating in the Scrivathon fundraiser – you can support them here with donations and pledges! https://www.justgiving.com/teams/scrivathon2016

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