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Enduring Themes in Western Art (Part III)

Nov 30 - Dec 21 2022

Enduring Themes in Western Art (Part III)

Across the centuries, there are major themes in the history of art that continue to appear and reappear. How to portray love, create a still life, and use perspective are a few notable examples artists have interpreted in styles ranging from naturalistic to surreal. 
In this course, art historian Joseph Cassar examines important masterworks within selected genres and offers a new way to understand and appreciate the similarities—and the uniqueness—among artists and the cultural norms that influenced their choices.
November 30  Love 
Artists represented the theme of love in all its complexity. Discover the hidden meanings in some art works. Artists discussed include Giotto, Caravaggio, Canova, Rodin, Tolouse-Lautrec, and Robert Indiana.
December 7  Perspective
Explore how perspective has been used as an independent motif in such works as Pool in the Garden, Egypt, 1400 B.C.; Villa of Publius Fannius, Pompeii, mid first century B.C.; and by artists including Massaccio; Richard Diebenkorn, and Richard Estes.
December 14  Still-Life 
A session that focuses on defining still-life paintings as a genre includes discussions of Still-Life with Glass Bowl and Fruit, Pompeii, 63 B.C.E.; Caravaggio; Paul Cezanne; Vincent van Gogh; Georges Braque; and Morton Wayne.
December 21  Light and Shade
Light and shade has long been a subject in Western art. The session highlights works by artists including Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Georges de la Tour, Vermeer, Monet, Giorgio de Chirico, and Edward Hopper.

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Light and Shade


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